Being a research and production company, we specialize in design, development, production and maintenance of autopilots for different types of unmanned servo manipulated vehicles, as well as manufacturing of aircraft mock-ups, servo drives, pan-tilt platforms, parachute rescue/landing systems, UAV accessories and components.

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  • Heli Drone

    Unmanned helicopter is our best-selling product due to high range of possible applications: monitoring, delivering, data transmission/ jamming, etc. Ability to hang in the air and relatively long exploitation time (5 hours) makes it extremely useful. Could be used simultaneously with marine/ ground drones.
    We are also able to create unmanned helicopter based on manned helicopter (e.g. Schweizer 300C, etc) with extended flight time and payload capacity.

  • Aircraft Drone

    That's a perfect tool for long-term monitoring/ delivering missions (31 hours of flight). The basis for this drone is Pipistrel Sinus (could be substituted by already existing airplane). All the flying characteristics remain the same as in manned version. All the manned-related equipment is replaced with bigger fuel tank. Any type of payload could be installed due to high takeoff weight.

  • Sitaria

    A smaller version of the Aircraft Drone. Also perfect for long-term monitoring missions (up 16 hours of flight with 3kg payload capacity). Could be launched with catapult and landed with parachute (if airstrip in not available).

  • Tactic Monitoring Drone

    The smallest UAV-drone for short-term monitoring missions (2 hours). Packed in backpack, equipped with special camera and special control module. The biggest advantages: easy-to-use and transport, quick to deploy and cheap price. Perfectly suits for short-term/ tactic monitoring missions. Widely used by hiking groups.

  • Unsinkable Boat

    Based on any manned boat. Perfect for long-term monitoring missions (up to 120 hours of adrift patrol time). Automatic target catching and further target tracking makes it ideal for catching of unwanted boats. Made of composite materials and foam - practically impossible to detect and destroy.

  • Control Unit

    Fully autonomous and highly convenient control station fitted with different types of modern conveniences and all necessary mission-specific equipment. The complex is based on 20 ft container but could be installed on any truck, according to your needs. Autonomous performance time - 25 hours (one fuel tank) that could be easily increased by adding extra fuel storage.

  • Virtual Simulator

    We provide our Customers with virtual simulator for every type of drone they purchase. It's 98% authentic to real in terms of physical performance. That's a piece of art tool for training operators, analyzing potential and already performed missions. More than 200 hundred parameters are considered within the system.

  • Complex Security

    Company specializes in design and production of integrated security systems, data acquisition & display systems, access control systems, mobile alarm complexes, perimeter detectors and special locks. It has a profound expertise in development of security concepts for state property, national borders and infrastructural objects: roads, railroads, pipelines, power stations, airports and many others. The products are widely used in hundreds of high-security federal sites, power ministries, enterprises of atomic, oil&gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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  • Autonomous Wireless Detectors

    Utilizing all possible physical principals(micro-wave, seismic, infrared, etc), we produce autonomous wireless detecting complexes able to operate autonomously for 3-48 months. Mobile complexes are to be deployed within few minutes without any feasibility studies, technical projects and long-lasting preparations providing users with state-of-art, invisible and highly reliable protected perimeters.

  • Temporary Guarded Perimeters

    To ensure maximum safety of moving object (car, aircraft, cargo, etc) you must be sure that no one had an access to it during stop without specific permission. Thus we recommend to use wireless rapidly deployable complex(Radio-wave + Seismic detection) to create temporary alarm boundary and protect the object.

  • Stationary Solutions

    Having completed hundreds of sophisticated and highly sensitive projects for international airports, federal ministries, infrastructural objects and most secured sites using our own equipment, we possess remarkable know-how and expertise of how to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable security solutions.

  • Face Recognition

    Technologies helping to identify and verify clients are rapidly becoming the essence of modern services. Being a biometric technology provider for more than 25 banks out of TOP50, international market chains, financial security services developers (Equifax, SAS, etc) and authorized suppliers of Google and Facebook, we are considered TOP3 World Best Face Recognition platform according to independent benchmarks.

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  • Major applications

    Being approved and implemented by tens of commercial banks, international market chains, migration service and interior ministry, our engine perfectly suits for providing

    • Control of rules of procedures and increase of service speed
    • Remarkable customer service
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Internal and external frauds prevention
  • Outstanding Functions

    Combining best achievements in deep learning and computer vision, our face recognition engine implements the following functions:

    • Facial image quality rating
    • Extracting face key points as the unique descriptor packed in biometric template and matching
    • Liveness detector (anti-spoofing feature)

    The most advanced available open source intelligence technology. A state-of-the-art Intelligence monitoring system for law enforcement agencies. The system scans and alayzes various social media apps to discover criminal activities. Prevention technology with the widest coverage and deep analysis. User-friendly system that provides insights and comprehensions. 

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  • Our Advantages

    • Unprecedental Search Speed
    • Sophisticated Text Analytics
    • Geo Location Capabilities
    • Profiling and Segmentation
    • Relation Analysis
    • Wide Range of Identifiers
    • User Friendly UI
    • Easy to Install and Maitain
  • UAV application for mediсal

    • Hospital deliveries
    • Medical product deliveries
    • Medical emergency 
  • UAV application for agriculture 

    • Soil and field analysis
    • Planting
    • Crop spraying
    • Crop monitoring
    • Irrigation
    • Health assessment
  • UAV application for insurance

    • Roof damage inspections
    • Boiler damage inspections
    • Post disaster claim inspections
    • Fraud monitoring
  • UAV application for scientific research

    • Archaeological research
    • Radiation measurement 
    • Glacier surveillance
    • Ethnographic research
    • Studying biodiversity
    • Capturing the spread of algae
    • Geophysical surveying 
  • UAV application for security search & rescue 

    • Terrorism search and rescue
    • Emergency communication network aid
    • Search for missing persons
    • Post-disaster-relief operations
    • Monitoring of catastrophes: nuclear accidents, structural fires, ship collisions, plane and train crashes, motor vehicle accidents
    • Monitoring of natural disasters: landslides, tsunamis, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, flooding, storms, hurricanes, avalanches, tornadoes
  • UAV application for media & entertainment

    • Aerial Filming
    • Photography 
    • Advertisement 
    • Entertainment shows and special effects 

    FreshVale Aerial Services operates a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones which carry out complex aerial inspection procedures for clients with large industrial assets. Our UAVs monitor and survey areas that are difficult or dangerous to access. Imagine the complexity of monitoring vegetation growth along vast stretches of railway line or the inspection of rotor blades on a wind turbine or assessing damage to large areas of infrastructure following wide-scale flooding. The benefits for our clients include having accurate, real time data about the condition of their assets and reduced downtime during inspection. This leads to an increase in the company’s overall efficiency and a huge improvement in operational safety.

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  • UAV application for mining

    • Measuring the volume of stockpiles
    • Reclamation
    • Mine site mapping
    • Calculation mineral resource 
    • Haul route optimization
    • Exploration planning and developing 
    • Open pit planning and management 


  • UAV application for utility & power

    • Transmission system inspection
    • Rapid post even and storm inspection
    • Substation and electricity facility inspection
    • Electric T&D vegetation management 
    • Distribution system inspection
    • Mapping & survey
  • UAV application for infrastructure

    • Highway conditions inspection
    • Road conditions assessment
    • Traffic surveillance
    • Vegetation monitoring
    • Road surface modeling and planning 
    • Structure deformation monitoring 
    • Under bridge inspection
    • Yearly pre-maintenance inspection
    • Structure surface inspection
    • Severe weather damages inspection
    • Perimeter surveying
  • UAV application for oil & gas

    • Immediate aerial information of leaks and spills
    • Safety procedures and evacuation monitoring 
    • Routine system inspections to ensure consistent operational integrity
    • Access to hard-to-reach areas
    • Situational awareness beyond rig
    • Intrustion alerts
    • Pipeline monitoring and inspection
    • Survey for pile driving and pole positioning 

    Anti-Drone Complex is a sophisticated security system for protection of sites against unwelcomed drones, preventing them from entering, flying above, or landing inside a given perimeter. System’s operational definition is to provide early alert and long range protection against drones:

    Targets flying in protected perimeter are: Detected --> Tracked --> Identified as threat --> Jammed --> Grounded in current location or forced away

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    The rapidly growing use of mini and small sized drones and quadrocopters, combined with recent technological advances, has dramatically increased the risk of these systems being utilized for hostile and/or damaging activities:

    Hostile Espionage - obtaining visual intelligence in various sensitive locations; Lethal Applications - commercial drones modified to military grade; Unauthorized and Uncoordinated Flight -  airports take-off/landing paths, smuggling in/out of restricted facilities etc.

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    Over 3km detection range for very small, low & slow flying objects; Over 1km recognition range for miniature drones and quadcopters; Over 2.5km effective disruption range;  RF Detection unit range 1km

    Flow of operation: Radar Detection/ RF Sensor Derection -> EO/ IR Tracker Acquisition -> RF Jamming Neutralization

    Complex consists of: Radar System,  RF Detection Unit, EO/IR Tracker, Hi Power Jammer, Command & Control. All system and components are upgradable according to drone technological advancement.

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    Anti-Drone Complex is a modular system that can be customized to different operational needs, and to different operational, technical and budget constraints.

    • RF Detection (Alternative or addition to conventional radar detection. Best for urban surroundings)
    • Drone Interception (Aggressive disruption of drone's flight)
    • Mobile Configurations (Control from TCV)                                                                                            Login or contact us for more info