Company specializes in design and production of integrated security systems, data acquisition & display systems, access control systems, mobile alarm complexes, perimeter detectors and special locks. It has a profound expertise in development of security concepts for state property, national borders and infrastructural objects: roads, railroads, pipelines, power stations, airports and many others. The products are widely used in hundreds of high-security federal sites, power ministries, enterprises of atomic, oil&gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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An intrusion prevention complex, fast to deploy, modular and suitable for any usage condition.

Temporary Guarded Perimeters

To ensure maximum safety of moving object (car, aircraft, cargo, etc) you must be sure that no one had an access to it during stop without specific permission. Thus we recommend to use wireless rapidly deployable complex(Radio-wave + Seismic detection) to create temporary alarm boundary and protect the object.

Stationary Solutions

Having completed hundreds of sophisticated and highly sensitive projects for international airports, federal ministries, infrastructural objects and most secured sites using our own equipment, we possess remarkable know-how and expertise of how to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable security solutions.

Autonomous Wireless Detectors

Utilizing all possible physical principals(micro-wave, seismic, infrared, etc), we produce autonomous wireless detecting complexes able to operate autonomously for 3-48 months. Mobile complexes are to be deployed within few minutes without any feasibility studies, technical projects and long-lasting preparations providing users with state-of-art, invisible and highly reliable protected perimeters.

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