Face Recognition

Technologies helping to identify and verify clients are rapidly becoming the essence of modern services. Being a biometric technology provider for more than 25 banks out of TOP50, international market chains, financial security services developers (Equifax, SAS, etc) and authorized suppliers of Google and Facebook, we are considered TOP3 World Best Face Recognition platform according to independent benchmarks.

Outstanding Functions

Combining best achievements in deep learning and computer vision, our face recognition engine implements the following functions:

  • Facial image quality rating
  • Extracting face key points as the unique descriptor packed in biometric template and matching
  • Liveness detector (anti-spoofing feature)

Major applications

Being approved and implemented by tens of commercial banks, international market chains, migration service and interior ministry, our engine perfectly suits for providing

  • Control of rules of procedures and increase of service speed
  • Remarkable customer service
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Internal and external frauds prevention

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