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Social Media Analytics

OSINT (Open source Intelligence) is a unique software dedicated to searching and fetching information from social media (fb, twitter, Instagram, youtube and others). It has modular structure and consists of the following sub-systems: “wide search”, “profiler” + optional modules such as “avatar management”, “Dark net” and “Geolocation”


Main Capabilities

Entity Recognition

identification, disambiguation, and matching of entities (persons, places, organizations, institutions, etc.) from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Entity Matching

enables the user to rapidly validate, disambiguate, aggregate and match person names using cultural-based rules.

Domain and Topic Categorization

categorizes any given document according to its topics, type, ideological stream and sect (in Islamic documents) and other customizable domains.

Relationship Analysis

enables discovery of contextual and semantic based relations between entities in a text based on the statements in the text.

Sentiment Analysis

goes beyond such analysis and integrates ontological, linguistic, and extra-linguistic knowledge.

Semantic Analysis and Search

allows the user to query the entire system’s knowledge base and to find relevant links between internal/external entities, ideas, and other relevant information.

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