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Our Unmanned Aeiral Vehicles can be used for inspections in a wide range of industries: oli & gas, power grid, agriculture, construction, security services, flora & fauna studies, environmental monitoring, telecome, education, civil services, defense industry, disaster management, mapping and surveying, media and entertainment and more. 

Construction Applications


  • Site configuration
  • Progress monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Managerial data

Oil & Gas Industry


  • Monitoring of pipelines
  • Inspection of oil/ gas plants
  • Inspection of compressing stations
  • Monitoring of other infrastructure

Power Grid Monitoring


  • Monitoring of power grid
  • Inspection of power plants
  • Inspection of substations
  • Inspection of power transmission towers

Defence & Security Applications


  • Border/ perimeter control
  • Control of moving vehicles or people
  • Detection of poachers, border violators
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Search for missing persons
  • Monitoring of high-security facilities
  • Law enforcement missions 

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