Being a research and production company, we specialize in design, development, production and maintenance of autopilots for different types of unmanned servo manipulated vehicles, as well as manufacturing of aircraft mock-ups, servo drives, pan-tilt platforms, parachute rescue/landing systems, UAV accessories and components.

Heli Drone

Unmanned helicopter is our best-selling product due to high range of possible applications: monitoring, delivering, data transmission/ jamming, etc. Ability to hang in the air and relatively long exploitation time (up to 6 hours) makes it extremely useful. Could be used simultaneously with marine/ ground drones.

Takeoff, en-route flight and landing of the drone are automatic. After uploading the flight mission the operator permits the takeoff, subsequent flight procedures are performed automatically. The diagnostics, flight mission planning and remote control can be  performed through the wireless network connection.

More UAVs


Designed for long-term flights in conditions of high turbulence and overload. The operating time of the UAV is up to 24 hours  for various payloads up to 200 kg.


Designed for monitoring missions with increased flight time and range. The operating time of the UAV is up to 12 hours for various payloads up to 10 kg. Can be equipped with gasoline/ electric engines.


Designed for tactical missions with increased flight time. The operating time of the UAV is up to 4 hours for various payloads up to 2 kg. 

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Unmanned unsinkable boat

based on RIB boat Piton and designed for quick response and long-term autonomous missions, pursuit, search and rescue operations.

The operating time of the FV-PIT is up to 38 hours (18 km/h  for various payloads up to 200 kg.

Mission performance is automatic. After uploading the flight mission the operator permits the start, subsequent procedures are performed automatically 

Ground Control Units

Fully autonomous and highly convenient control station fitted with different types of modern conveniences and all necessary mission-specific equipment. The complex is based on 20 ft container but could be installed on any truck, according to your needs. Autonomous performance time – 25 hours (one fuel tank) that could be easily increased by adding extra fuel storage.

Portable Ground Control Stations

The Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS) is a secure computer with pre installed software intended to monitor and control the unmanned vehicles and to display the video feed from the platform in real time. In addition to the standard keyboard, PGCS is equipped with joysticks to control the platform and the payload. It is designed for simultaneous operation by the aircraft and the payload operators.

Virtual Simulator

We provide our Customers with virtual simulator for every type of drone they purchase. It’s 98% authentic to real in terms of physical performance. That’s a piece of art tool for training operators, analyzing potential and already performed missions. More than 200 hundred parameters are considered within the system.


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