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La cybersécurité en Afrique, pourquoi faut-il y porter plus d’attention?

News & ArticlesThu, May 21st 2020
En ces temps de pandémie du COVID19, tout focus semble être sur la lutte contre la pandémie, et la crise économique qui leurre à l’horizon, une chose dont on parle le moins, est...
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Retail drone, a growing security threat in Africa

News & ArticlesFri, Dec 27th 2019
In the last two decades, the world has experienced a revolution in drones. The sky, formerly reserved for states or large companies, has become an increasingly accessible...
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Comparison of Anti Drone Systems: Which system to trust?

News & ArticlesWed, Nov 20th 2019
Buggy Anti Drone With the democratization of drones came the need to develop technologies to counter them. However, the choice of antidrone technology to use in an...
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