Anti-Drone Complex is a sophisticated security system for protection of sites against unwelcomed drones, preventing them from entering, flying above, or landing inside a given perimeter. System’s operational definition is to provide early alert and long range protection against drones: Targets flying in protected perimeter are: Detected –> Tracked –> Identified as threat –> Jammed –> Grounded in current location or forced away


The rapidly growing use of mini and small sized drones and quadrocopters, combined with recent technological advances, has dramatically increased the risk of these systems being utilized for hostile and/or damaging activities:

Hostile Espionage – obtaining visual intelligence in various sensitive locations; Lethal Applications – commercial drones modified to military grade; Unauthorized and Uncoordinated Flight –  airports take-off/landing paths, smuggling in/out of restricted facilities etc.


Over 3km detection range for very small, low & slow flying objects; Over 1km recognition range for miniature drones and quadcopters; Over 2.5km effective disruption range;  RF Detection unit range 1km

Flow of operation: Radar Detection/ RF Sensor Derection -> EO/ IR Tracker Acquisition -> RF Jamming Neutralization

Complex consists of: Radar System,  RF Detection Unit, EO/IR Tracker, Hi Power Jammer, Command & Control. All system and components are upgradable according to drone technological advancement.


Anti-Drone Complex is a modular system that can be customized to different operational needs, and to different operational, technical and budget constraints.

  • RF Detection (Alternative or addition to conventional radar detection. Best for urban surroundings)
  • Drone Interception (Aggressive disruption of drone’s flight)
  • Mobile Configurations (Control from TCV)   

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